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Synthetic rubber



Synthetic rubber is arriving from CIS countries packaged in crates in railway wagons or in trucks by road. 

Storage of synthetic rubbers is realized in modern storage buildings equipped with Sprinkler fire extinguisher system.

Packaged goods can be received and dispatched via wide- and normal gauge railway lines and road transport as well.


Synthetic rubber grades traded by Taurus Crabonpack Ltd:


Polybutadiene Nd: SKD-ND group1
SKD-ND group 3
Styrene-Butadiene: SBR 1500
Regular butyl: BK-1675N
Bromobutyl: BBK-232
Polyisoprene: SKI-3
   Other grades according to customers' demand.

Synthetic rubber types traded by Taurus Carbonpack and their physical-chemical parameterss

Carbon black

 Main profile of the entity is trading, warehousing and packaging of Russian origin carbon blacks used by rubber industry.  

Synthetic rubber

Taurus Carbonpack ensures just in time synthetic rubber deliveries to several European and overseas rubber plants. We hope to see you as one of our partners!


Quality control

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